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molds and mechanical processing

Part of the production is dedicated to the design / construction of molds for plastic materials and precision mechanical components.
Thanks to the organization and the high flexibility, the company is able to provide small production batches ensuring adequate delivery times and a quality index that has allowed it to consolidate relationships with its customers over the years.
The wealth of knowledge and experience gained allows us to use our production processes on various types of raw materials, in particular on aluminum and its alloys, titanium, brass, copper, construction steels, stainless steel, cast iron and plastics.
The current structure offers a complete service that begins with the procurement of raw or semi-finished materials, continues with mechanical processing, with the management of heat treatments at the customer's request and finally with testing.

The company has cad2D and cad3D programs for the development of projects or ideas by the customer ensuring an optimal production process and control of the designs entrusted.

With these software systems we are able to create pieces of difficult workability and complexity, thanks also to cad-cam systems for the processing and study of 3d surfaces.

The company has latest generation machinery capable of satisfying the most varied customer needs for both turning and milling.
The production covers different types of products: molds and components for plastics and general mechanical parts.

The turning department is composed of 3 CNC lathes that can work components with a maximum diameter of 1000 mm.

The milling department consists of 2 finishing machining centers and a 4-axis milling machine with maximum piece dimensions of 2700x1200x950.